Easy & Automatic

GalleryDaemon is a professional gallery generator system that will help you to create galleries automatically from both photo and video FHGs and make your life easier. GalleryDaemon is the name known and trusted in gallery and content management solutions.

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New Lower Price

We have decided to lower the price of GalleryDaemon to $149 per license. You can also now buy 5 copies for $600.

Extensive Feature List

Flexible template supports multiple thumb sizes per gallery

Use GD® or Imagmagick® for processing of thumbs

Flash® cropper with thumbnail preview

Thumb brightness, saturation, contrast and quality adjustment (Imagmagick® only)

Drag and drop thumbnail ordering for each gallery

Delimited format FHG import (gallery_url|description) with random template feature

RSS feed import with subscription option to automatically import new FHGs

Zipped photo content upload/import (via Flash® uploader)

Custom gallery generation allows fully flexible galleries to match any website or purpose

If your website needs photo galleries can use GalleryDaemon:

TGP or Promo Galleries

Embedded Video Galleries

Babes, Celebrity, or Model Galleries

Hobby or Sports Galleries

Unlimited user defined ads per gallery, including php includes

Multiple RSS feed export for any sponsor, paysite, niche, etc. with thumbnail!

Use CRON® to generate galleries while you sleep!

...and many more features!

Server Requirements

Dedicated server highly recommended, minimum VPS required.

Unix OS

Server needs to be able to fetch webpages/images via curl

PHP 4.3.2+ with GD 2.x, curl and mysql extensions enabled (safe mode off)

magic_quotes_gpc or magic_quotes_runtime disabled

memory_limit must be 32M+ (sometimes it works if it's not specified)

PHP needs to be able to execute shell commands (shell_exec, exec, ls, unzip, etc)

Mysql Server 4.1.x+

Imagemagick 6.x+ (required to use imagemagick for cropping)

Cronjobs - Gallery Daemon requires 4 cronjobs to enable automation features but are optional


05-08-2010: Working on new Support Area / Forums. Bug fix update coming soon.

01-07-2009: We have decided to lower the price of GalleryDaemon to $149 per license. You can also now buy 5 copies for $600.

12-10-2008: Our Holiday Christmas Promo is now on! We are offering 100 licenses at just $129 each, or buy 5 for $499. This deal ends December 31st.

12-05-2008: Welcome to our newly designed website, GalleryDaemon is now under new management. Our new partnership will be beneficial to the hundreds of existing GalleryDaemon owners, and all our future clients. New development of script features will begin in 2009.